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Ellison Travel & Tours Celebrating 40 years in Business!

Home | Newsroom Ellison Travel & Tours celebrating 40 years in 2020! Ellison News 40 years ago today Doug Ellison opened our first office. We grew from a staff of just 2 to 90+ across Canada - we send 30,000 travellers to destinations worldwide annually. This year is a little different, but we can’t wait to explore the world with you again! #Celebrating40years #ET40years #EllisonTravel

August 21st, 2020|

Porto is the New Paris

Home | Newsroom Porto is the New Paris - Lifestyle Magazine December 2019 Original Article Published: Lifestyle Magazine, December There's a little secret among travellers to Europe that's starting to get out. While the hot spots of Paris, Rome and Barcelona are still destinations where millions flock, the country of Portugal is gaining huge fans.  Doug Ellison, president and CEO of Ellison Travel & Tours has visited the aforementioned cities and says places in Portugal such as Porto, also have much to offer. With it's Old World Essence, yet contemporary conveniences, plus prices that are among the lowest in Europe, he calls his trip to Portugal in late summer an eye opener".... (read complete post at )

August 4th, 2020|

Huron Perth Boomers – Fall 2019 – Battlefield Tours

Home | Newsroom Huron Perth Boomers - Fall 2019 - Battlefield Tours Original Article Published: Huron Perth Boomer Fall 2019 For 31 years I taught high school history in the classrooms of Kent County, and for over three years after retirement, at Canadian College Italy. As you would expect, the courses I taught and the students’ ages varied, but whether the subject was Canadian, American or European history, the Great Wars of the 20th Century inevitably played an important part. Coming of age in the turbulent 1960s, starting my teaching career in the early-70s, and never having to sacrifice precious years of my youth to serve in wartime, I was always conscious of how lucky I was. And the spectre of the Vietnam War tearing at the fabric of society in the United States made this feeling even more immediate. So when the subject turned to war, I was always concerned to do the very best

October 1st, 2019|

Go Your Own Way – Ellison caters to small groups with keen interestes

Home | Newsroom Original Article Published: Lifestyle Magazine, September/October 2018 See the world your way. Tour designed to fit individual interests, tastes and dreams is something offered by Ellison Travel & Tours, with offices in Exeter and now in London. "We specialize in customizing trips and we've established contacts in countries around the world," says Doug Ellison, who owns and operates the company with his wife Cathy. (read complete article at )

September 1st, 2019|

The Emerald Isle – Lifestyle Magazine June 2019

Home | Newsroom The Emerald Isle - Lifestyle Magazine June 2019 Original Article Published: Lifestyle Magazine, June 2019 It’s springtime in southwestern Ontario, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the grass is green. However, ask anyone who has ever travelled to Ireland and they will tell you: ‘You haven’t seen the colour green until you’ve seen the green of the Emerald Isle.’ lifestyle magazine online london [A stop at some of Ireland's famous pubs for a pint of Guinness is a must.] “It just pops,” said Susan Eliuk, travel pro advisor with Travel Agents in Action in London. Sitting further north than southwestern Ontario, it seems mystical that this island nation of about 4.8 million people could be covered in such lush green grasses and, of course, shamrocks. Ocean currents bring warmer waters further north, and there is a lot of precipitation - about 225 days of rain a year in western parts of the

June 1st, 2019|

Floating Adventures – Lifestyle Magazine – March 2019

Home | Newsroom Floating Adventures Original Article Published: Lifestyle Magazine, June 2019 While many people have been on huge cruise ships traversing an ocean, a river cruise is a much different way to travel, especially to Southeast Asia. Doug Ellison, President and CEO of Ellison Travel & Tours says these days the public is searching for more of an adventure, as well as a connection to some of the faraway lands they are visiting.  A river cruise to the Far East will satisfy both wishes. "The river cruises in the part of the world are quite different from what you would see on a European river cruise," Ellison says. "The homes, vegetation, templates and accommodations are whole different experience entirely." (read complete article here )

March 1st, 2019|

Women-centric International Getaways

Student Tours Original Article Published: Lifestyle Magazine, September/October 2018 Travelling can be a metaphorical journey of self-discovery and an expansions of one's horizons. It can be a time of connection, joy, friendship and culturual awareness. Broad Escapes has created a fertile environment where all these meaningful experiences can happen.  A clever name for women-only travel groups. Broad Escapes formed a few years ago as a partnership between Ellison Travel & Tours and guide Bonnie Hinschberger. "One of Bonnie's slogans is that it's not about the destinations, it's about the journey." say Cathy Ellison of Ellison Travel. (read complete article at )

March 1st, 2019|